A Word from the President


The business community faces many on-going challenges.  The Chamber of Commerce, which holds the express goal of promoting and furthering business interests throughout Nassau County, is the unified voice of businesses, large and small.  A strong business community has to have the support of a strong community behind it and together we are all stronger than we are on our own.

The Greater Nassau County Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit, membership driven organization comprised of business enterprises, civic organizations, education institutions and individuals. Its mission is to promote business and build community.

In pursuing its mission, the chamber works to:

  • Create a strong local economy
  • Provide learning and network opportunities
  • Promote the community
  • Represent and advocate the interest of business with governmental entities
  • Engage in political action

While pursing these goals, a chamber membership also provides the added benefit of allowing you to grow your relationships within your community. Being active by helping with events, interacting with other members at lunch & learns, being a board member or committee / council member are all great ways in which you can become more involved. The more you are involved the more you will get from your membership and the stronger our Chamber will become.

Personally, my career has been, and continues to be, enriched by my involvement in the Chamber. Some of the finest friends and business relationships I have are due to my involvement with the Chamber.  Being involved is fun and rewarding, and yes, my company and business have also benefited from my involvement.

Join the Chamber if you are not a member.  If you are already a member, look for new ways to become more involved.  Together we can continue to improve the business climate in Nassau County.

-Royce Proctor